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A rookie car wants to beat to other cars in the tie-breaking race of the championship, so that he can get a much better sponsor.
It is the first day at school for a young fish, but he gets captured by divers and gets put in an dentists office aquarium, and his dad tries to find him.
A man is very sad after his dream life gets destroyed, so he attaches balloons to his house and flies away
The one robot left on earth ,after pollution causes all humans to leave earth on a space ship, is fascinated by humans and one day discovers the last plant left behind.
A group of toys who are able to come to life are owned by a loving boy, but one day he gets a new toy who doesn't know he's a toy.
A colony of bugs is being enslaved by an evil grasshopper, but a brave ant steps up to try and stop him.
A girl is undergoing a big move across the country from Minnesota to San Fransisco, which is wreaking havoc on her emotions.
A rat wants to learn how to cook, and he finds a chef at a french restaurant who will teach him how.
The meteorite that destroyed the dinosaurs misses, and, millions of years later, a dinosaur meets a young boy, and together they go on a remarkable journey.
Monsters are travelling to the human world to scare children and collect screams, but one day, a little girl travels to the monster world and befriends a monster.
A princess in the dark ages of Scotland is being forced to marry a prince, so she runs away and discovers that it is very hard to escape your own fate.
A family of superheroes have to defeat a fake super hero who has an evil plan to kill off all the superheroes one by one.

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