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1965 Newport Folk Festival
Band backed Dylan at Festival
The Band
The Byrds
The Byrds' instrument
Byrds' guitarist/singer/creative leader
Byrds' country-rock member
The Mamas and Papas
1967 Monterey International pop festival organized by
Simon and Garfunkel
Motown producer
Nickname for Motown producer's studio
Motown House Band
Motown choreographer
Motown finishing/modeling teacher
Motown music director
Motown writing team
Aretha Franklin
Originally recorded by
Signed Franklin to Columbia
Franklin's career took off with this record company
Producer that made Franklin famous
Franklin's father
James Brown
Otis Redding
Otis Redding's record company in Memphis
Redding's racially integrated backup band
English bluegrass music with horns
English bluegrass music with horns guitarist
English bluegrass music with horns guitarist covered
Lennon, McCartney and Harrison's first band
Beatles' original drummer
Lennon's friend, played bass
Area of strip clubs/bars in Hamburg
Club in Hamburg that booked Beatles
Sutcliffe's German girlfriend, who styled/photographed them
Beatles manager
Club where manager met them
Beatles producer
Producer was head of this EMI subsidiary
Produces all music except:
Beatles film
Hit that was #1 when beatles arrived
4-track record
US-only release with infamous butcher cover
1966 album (psychedelic)
Song with unusual string quartet
Song played on TV special
Last song on Sgt. Pepper
Later double album
Double album released on
Final years album
Lennon/Oko release
Phil spector assembled earlier tracks to form
Harrison's triple album
Lennon/Ono band
Lennon's final solo album
Lennon killed by
Mccartney's band
Rolling Stones' frontman
Rolling Stones' guitarist
Rolling Stones' bassist
Rolling Stones' drummer
RS original band leader
Replaced original leader
Replaced him in 1974
RS keyboardist (at times)
RS' band name taken from song by this artist
Jagger imitated this man's style
Stones' quintessential rock song (guitar riff, being on the road)
Stones' Woodstock
Security by
Film documenting festival
The Kinks
The Who
Cream song written by bluesman
The Yardbirds
Beats writers
Ex-Harvard Prof. in favor of LSD
Cross streets in SF (center of hippie scene)
Grateful Dead
FM Radio
Janis Joplin
Big break came at
Jefferson Airplane
JA influenced by classical composer's work
Fillmore Theater venue guy, booked santana
Santana's song written by
Doors' keyboardist
Developed amplifiers (stack)
Foot pedals create sound fx
Jimi Hendrix
Hendrix' dummer
Hendrix' bassist
Hendrix' later band

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