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Raises head to 45 degrees
Sociable to adults and children, explores toys
Stills to a rattle 15 cm away
Parallel play, takes turns, dresses with supervision, eats with knife and fork, takes self to toilet
Fluent clear speech, with negatives, additives and propositions
Tower of 9, cuts with scissors, can build a bridge from model, draws a circle
Climbs up stairs with one hand held, carries toys while walking, runs and walks backwards
Dresses alone, washes and dries hands, brushes teeth, shares toys
Recognises 4 colours, gives address, counts to 10
Waves bye-bye, plays peek-a-boo
Smiles reponsively
Varied multi-syllabic babble
Tower of 6 or 7 can draw a line, picks up tiny objects, copies TV
Vocalises alone or when spoken to, coos and laughs indiscriminately
Puts food in mouth, friendly to most adults, lap games
Sounds used discriminately to parents
Draws a square
Fixes and follows face in the midline
Mature pincer grip
Understands name, 2 or 3 words, turns to name
Gives name, age, and gender, 3 - 4 word sentences, personal pronouns
Up and down stairs like an adult, bounces and catches a ball
Stands on one foot for one second, pedals tricycle, climbs up stairs like an adult, runs fast
Can make steps with bricks, can thread beads, can draw a man and a triangle
Pulls to sit with round back, takes weight through the legs
Two words for simple phrases, gives first name
Tower of 3 or 4, scribbles, turns page in book
Picks up toys, transfers to mouth and hand to hand
Palmar grasp
Fixes on bright objects, follows horizontally through 90 degrees
Dry by day, pulls of some clothing, uses spoon and fork
Limbs flexed, symmetrical posture.
Group play, chooses friends, comforts another child in distress
Walks heel to toe, stands on one foot for 5 seconds, hops for 2 metres
Kicks a ball, jumps up and down, climbs stairs one at a time
Points with index finger, bangs two bricks together, throws toys to floor
Can draw a cross
Stands independently, walks unsteadily
Startles to loud noises, stills to voice
Drinks from cup with two hands, waves, finger feeds
Sits with straight back, crawls, turns back to front
6 - 10 words, 3 body parts
Symbolic play, takes off shoes and socks, says when soiled, uses spoon, explores environment

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