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Shark man, Akatsuki
Snake man, one of the three Sanin
Saved Bushy Brow's life, owns the Curry of Life shop
Takes away the use of a Sanin's arms, dies for Konoha
'Pervy Sage, summons frogs
Red eyes, leader of a squad
Weapons specialist, Team Gai
Last member of a powerful clan, wants revenge
Works for a Legendary Swordsman, can create crystal ice mirrors
Smokes, leader of a squad
Grandson of the Third Hokage, looks up to the main character
Loves exploding art, Akatsuki
Brothers, swim inside others for the kill
'Bushy Brow,' Team Gai
Jinchuuriki, main character
Assistant of the Fifth, has a pet pig
Loves dogs, fights beside his dog
Apprentice of one of the Sanin, has snake powers
Rival of a girl with pink hair, obsessive over her crush
Uses a giant fan, has two brothers
Saved Konoha from the Kyubi, created Rasengan
Defeated by the main character in the beginning, turns into a tiger man
Copy Ninja, leader of Squad 7
Fifth Hokage, one of the three Sanin
Jinchuuriki, controls sand
Legendary Swordsman, loves funerals
'Eyes' of one of the Legendary Swordsmen, frail
One of the Legendary Swordsmen, defeats Gato
Member of the branch family, belives in destiny
Teacher of a Jinchuuriki and his siblings
Perfect Chakra control, obsessive over her crush
Works for one of the Sanin, medical ninja
Member of the main family, very shy
Brothers, only think about food
Controls his own bones, works for one of the Sanin
Puppet Master, has a brother and a sister
Likes to turn others into puppets, Akatsuki
Loves to eat, has a lazy best friend
Extremely lazy, genius
Leader of Team Gai/Guy
Slayer his own clan, member of Akatsuki
Works at the Curry of Life shop, joined the Kurosuki Clan
Insect handler, wears dark glasses

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