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QUIZ: Can you name the The Guardians of Ga'hoole Books?

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Getting to the great tree is a _______
Saving Ezlyryb
The attack of the great tree
When glass breaking it is ______[has the]
When something is on fire it ______[has the]
A bird in its egg is a called a _______[has the]
When your CAST OUT your an ______[has the]
Soren was one but wasn't the FIRST[has the]
If HOOLE is COMING at your it is the ___________[has the]
Teaches how to be a king[has to and answer is in clue ;D]
A very valuable tree made of gold[has the]
This WIND is as powerful as the RIVER[has the]
Napolean was sent into an _______
A misquito caught in ember in a war[has the]
Ga'hoole's lost tales[has the]

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