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Can you name the innervation of the muscle?

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MuscleInnervationSpinal Nerve Level
Palmar interosseiC8, T1
Flexor digitorum superficialisC7-T1
Flexor digitorum profundusC8, T1
Palmaris brevisC8
Rhomboid minorC5
Teres majorC5, C6
Teres minorC5, C6
Triceps brachiiC6-C8
Extensor pollicis brevis (snuff box)C6, C7
Biceps brachiiC5-C7
Lumbricals 1 and 2C6, C7
Palmaris longusC6, C7
Extensor indicisC6, C7
BrachioradialisC5, C6
Abductor pollicis brevis (thenar)C8, T1
Flexor pollicis brevis (thenar)C8, T1
Opponens digiti minimi (hypothenar)C8, T1
Extensor digitorumC6-C8
Lumbricals 3 and 4C8, T1
Latissimus dorsiC6-C8
Rhomboid majorC5
Abductor pollicis (thenar)C8, T1
Extensor carpi radialis brevisC6, C7
Abductor digiti minimi (hypothenar)C8, T1
MuscleInnervationSpinal Nerve Level
Flexor pollicis longusC8, T1
Dorsal interosseiC8, T1
SubclaviusC5, C6
Pectoralis majorC5-C8, T1
Extensor carpi radialis longusC6, C7
Serratus anteriorC5-C7
SupraspinatusC5, C6
Pronator TeresC6, C7
Pronator quadratusC8, T1
Levator Scapulaealso C3 and C4
Flexor digiti minimi brevis (hypothenar)C8, T1
InfraspinatusC5, C6
SubscapularisC5, C6
Extensor digiti minimiC6-C8
Abductor pollicis longus (snuff box)C6, C7
DeltoidC5, C6
Flexor carpi ulnarisC7, C8
Extensor carpi ulnarisC6-C8
Opponens pollicis (thenar)C8, T1
Pectoralis minorC8, T1
Flexor carpi radialisC6, C7
TrapeziusC3 and C4 also get pain info from this muscle
Extensor pollicis longus (snuff box)C6, C7

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