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Can you name the Pennsylvania native QBs to go pro?

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1979-1987Graduated from Kansas State. Played mostly in the USFL
1995-2003Played at Pitt. Spent his entire career with the Bills. Mainly served as a back up
1997-1998Draft Bust for the 49ers
2008-PresentWent to the same high school as Kerry Collins. Starred at Michigan
1980-1985Went to the University of Delaware; Played for the Giants and backed up Phil Simms
1979-19944 time super bowl winner
1998-PresentJourneymen quarterback known for the Steelers and Lions.
1965-1977Jets legendary QB. Super Bowl III MVP
1969-1976Played at Notre Dame. Backed up Terry Bradshaw in the NFL
1984-1990Graduated from Purdue
1992-1999Played majority of career as backup to Drew Bledsoe
1987-1991Played college football at Iowa. Spent his short career as a back up for the Chargers
1974-1980Started one year as QB for the Colts in 1978
1989-1996Attended University of Maryland where he was a back up to Boomer Esiason and Frank Reich. Played 5 years with the Seahawks.
1974-1979Graduate of Lehigh University. Mainly a back up in the NFL
2004-PresentThrew for 4000yds for the Texans
1985-1997Won a Super Bowl with the Giants
1993-1997Back-up for the Chiefs and Lions in the 90s
2000-2001Played at Pitt. and joined the Seahawks as an undrafted free agent
2008-PresentDrafted by the Falcons with the 3rd pick.
2002-PresentQB after Kurt Warner for the Rams
1968-1970Back-up QB for the Bills. Graduated from William and Mary
1995-PresentPSU alumni. Led the Giants to the Super Bowl in 2000
1966-1970Starting QB for the Bengals in 1968. Also served as a back up in Miami
1986-1996Lost 4 consecutive Super Bowls
1994-2008Played for 7 NFL teams. Graduated from Tulsa
1984-1987Played at UNC. Back up QB at Miami and Denver
1987-1988Transferred from Notre Dame to Tulane. Back up to John Elway in Super Bowl XXII
1987-2004Played College at Delaware. 2002 MVP with Raiders
1985-1999Journeymen qb who was the third qb picked in the 1985 nfl draft. Threw for 3000 yds with the Chiefs in 1995.
1983-1999Pitt grad. who may be considered the best QB to never win a Super Bowl
1952-1969Played for the Patriots. Threw for 31 TDs in a season. A record that was broken by Tom Brady
1964-1974Graduated from Maryland. Journeymen back up
1949-1975Has an NFL record of 42 INTs thrown in a season. also a kicker
1960-1962Penn State grad. Played for New York
1992-1995Played in College at Virginia Tech. Back up for the Oilers and Bears
1977-1984Best known as the Giants quarterback who fumbled during the 'Miracle in the Meadowlands.'
2006-PresentPlayed College football for Toledo. Started his first NFL game with the Buccaneers
1991-1996Played football for Louisville. Set a Fiesta Bowl record for passing yards. Drafted by the Jets
1993-2003Current Coach for the Dallas Cowboys. Went to Princeton.
1956-1973Legendary Colts QB.
2001-2005Played at Rutgers. Back up QB for the Lions and Eagles
1979-1986Starred at qb for Penn State where he won the Maxwell award.

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