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Who does Harry live with?
Who is an insufferable know it all? ( according to Snape)
Who is Draco's cruel aunt?
Who is Snape's least favorite student?
What position does Snape have at the school?
Who is Harry's least favorite teacher beside Snape in year 5?
Who is Snape's love?
Who is Ginny's boyfriend before Harry? First name only
Who does Neville Longbottom Marry?
Who is another potion's master?
Who is Cissy?
Who is the best most loyal person/teacher to Dumbledor? Also his killer
What does Draco call Hermione?
Who is Harry's best friend
Who does Ron date in book 6?
What is a nonmagical folk called?
Who does Harry love in book 6?
Who is Dumbledor's mom?
What sport does Harry play?
Who is Snape's enemy in school?

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