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what type of dog looks like a hotdog?
What is the name of the cowgirl in toy story 2?
What is a baby deer called?
Who is the president of the united states?
How many colors are in the rainbow?
What is 10-2
What colors are a stop sign?
Claire goes to school Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday how many days does she go to school?
What day of the week comes after Wednesday?
Name two words that rhyme with lit
What number comes before 17?
What is 2 + 7
What number comes before 11?
What letter comes after F?
What shape is round and has no sides?
What animal lives in the Safari and has black and white stripes?
What animal has no arms or legs and slithers through grass?
Two words that rhyme with in
Name a safe place to save your money?
Who was our first president?
Name two animals that lay eggs.
How many days are in a week?
How many months are in a year?
Name all of the months.
Caterpilars make these before they turn into butterflies.
What is a house made of snow and ice called?
What is the first letter of your name?
What is the first letter in the word Cat?
what is 5 + 6
What is the belt called that cowboys carry their guns in?
Why are cowboys boots pointy?
what was elmo's friends name in the book 'i want to be a cowboy?'
What What kind of animal does Clementine tie up at the rodeo?

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