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Tonks' first name.
Her mothers name
Mother's maiden name
Her fathers name
Husbands name
Sons name
What house was she in?
What is her patronus?
Who was her mentor?
What colour is her hair the first time she meets Harry?
What is her 'special ability'?
Who killed Tonks?
How is she related to her killer?
What do her parents call her?
What is her profession?
What age is she when she dies?
Who does she fly with in the chapter 'the Seven Potters'
What does she knock over in the hallway at number 12 grimmauld place?
Who portrayes her in the films?
Her husband said he was too...
and too...
What is her prefered hair colour?
What year was the born?
Tonks is part of an organizion called the...
At the beginning of her first appearence she says that the muggles were very...
Who does she stun in the department of mysteries?

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