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QUIZ: Can you name the Criminal Minds Character by Quote?

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'Say hello to your scumbag brother.'Masterpiece
'She died fairly quickly... one of the wounds severed her aorta, and they don't think that she...'100
'I haven't read this in fif- Like twelve years.'Fear and Loathing
'Is there any more jello?'Amplification
'Remind me to have her drug tested.'Paradise
'I thought you were full of hot air, Reid.'Plain Sight
'OCD? I'm thinking more OMG.'Compulsion
'Garcia and Kevin sitting in a tree.'Damaged
'What vacation time?'A Real Rain
'Talk dirty to me.'In Name and Blood
'I'm not just a pretty face.'100
'Her gooey is mindblowing.'Penelope
'It's a culture thing.'Jones
'You don't mind sharing with me do you?' (first person to say it)Somebody's Watching

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