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What sanitarium does Reid's mother reside at?
In which episode does Reid tell Morgan about his nightmares?
How old was Reid when his father left?
What card game did he look at Hotch's cards?
Where did Reid want to bring JJ in season two?
What does Garcia name her car?
What college did Garcia go to?
Where did Garcia grow up?
What song did Garcia hear when she was shot?
Who is Garcia's favorite superhero?
Where does Gideon go to escape?
What is Gideon's favorite animal?
What is Gideon's son's name?
What does Gideon give to Reid for his birthday?
Who is Gideon's favorite baseball player?
What is Rossi hunting in his first episode?
What is Rossi's dog name?
Why did Rossi return to the BAU?
What is the base coat of Rossi's walls?
In which epiosde does Rossi return to the BAU?
What does Elle's father call her?
What does Elle say she will miss about Hotch.
What does Elle say Reid is full of?
What is the last episode Elle appears in?
Who drives Elle home before she gets shot?
Who hired Prentiss to get dirt on Hotch?
How old was Prentiss when she got pregnant?
What does Prentiss tell Hotch she hates?
Who has Prentiss sadly dated people worse than?
Where does Prentiss accompany Reid and Gideon to on her first case with the team?
What is JJ afraid of?
Who replaces JJ when she is pregnant?
What does JJ tell Will can be good for your health?
What game is JJ good at?
What sport did she play in hight school?
What role did he play in his high school play?
What city field office did Hotch used to work in?
What does Hotch tell Jack to do for him in 100.
What penney was Hotch's dream to collect, back in the day?
What is Hotch's brother's name?
How many properties does Morgan own?
What is Morgan's dog's name?
What was Morgan incorrectly told Garcia's name was?
Where is Morgan when Garcia gets shot?
What does Morgan have nightmares about?

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