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Deadpool has enhanced....Not 'healing factor', the other one
Deadpool's strange celebrity crush'..and then there's Maude!'
Favourite wordSpanish food
DC's version of DeadpoolAlias: Slade Wilson
Co-author of Deadpool's first ongoing title (1997)Sounds like 'Guinness'
Something Deadpool often breaksLiterary tool
Writer of 'Deadpool:Merc with a Mouth'First name Victor
Name of the zombie version of DeadpoolForm of a disembodied head
Cable's Chief of Staff in 'Cable and Deadpool'Ex-Daily Bugle reporter
Character that jumps out a plane in 'The Circle Chase'Not Black Tom Cassidy
Deadpool's blade of choiceJapanese sword (I think)
Female counterpart of DeadpoolCan't you guess it?
Deadpool's tag lineBit of alliteration here
First appeared in...eg. Avengers #1
TV duo Deadpool says have a restraining order against himTwins
Character that blows Deadpool's head off in 'Suicide Kings'Ex-black ops
Special move performed by Deadpool in Marvel Vs Capcom 3'Swift as the wind!'
Actor that played Wade Wilson in 'X-men Origins:Wolverine'Also in Blade: Trinity
DP's old irish hearthrobPowerful voice
Accused Deadpool of stealing his identityMercenary from the Hellhouse
Version of Deadpool with exposed brainAlias: Sgt. 'Wadey' Wilson
Deadpool's girlfriend before Weapon XAlias: Copycat
Deadpool's arms dealerNERD
X-team that Deadpool is a current member ofOther members: Wolverine, Fantomex and Psylocke
Colour of Deadpool's speech bubblesNot white
Undead creatures Deadpool encountersToo easy

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