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Hint Character
Mouse's Girlfriend
Loves Jane
She lives with the Beast
Villan in Fix It Felix Junior
Man Cub
Mayor of Radiator Springs
He has a honey addiction
Dog that likes Mr. Fredrickson
She is friends with the Tramp
Had a 101 kids
He Smells Like Strawberries!
Got lost on Route 66
He is friends with a Genie
Helps Find the One that Touched the Boat (He Flys)
Big Blue Guy at Monsters Inc.
Clumsy Dog with a Green Hat
Andy's Cowboy
Cowboy's Horse
Duck's Nephews (all 3)
She lives with seven Dwarfs
'To Infinity and Beyond'
Hint Character
Helps a fish out of a tank pump
Duck's Girlfriend
Skelleton from Halloweentown
Loves Penny
Fairy In Neverland
He Touched the Boat
Grumpy at Christmastime
Bird that likes chocolate
Chipmunks (both)
Has Short Term Memory Loss
A Wilderness Explorer Scout
Simba's Friends (there are 2)
Likes to Bounce
Mouse's Dog
Bossy Duck
Secretary at Monsters Inc.
Lilo's pet
Head Mouse
Guides Man Cub like a father
Lives in Neverland

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