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Can you name the Harry Potter PoA facts?

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What is the name of the witch who enjoyed being burned at the stake?
Where does Bill Weasley work?
What does Ron send to Harry for his thirteenth birthday?
What school does Harry pretend to go to while Marge is visiting?
What type of dog does Marge have?
What color is the Knight Bus?
Who does Harry pretend to be while he is on the Knight Bus?
What is the name of the ice cream parlor where Harry spends much of his time doing homework?
Where does Hermione purchase Crookshanks?
What do Fred and George change the words on Percy's Head Boy badge to?
What does professor Trelawney see in Harry's tea leaves?
What 'really finishes' a boggart?
What is Lavender's rabbit, Binky, killed by?
What did Lupin assume Harry's boggart would be?
Who is the Hufflepuff seeker?
Whose name does Harry see on the Marauders Map that makes him suspicious?
Where does the secret passage behind the one-eyed witch lead?
How many times does Dumbledore say to turn the time-turner?
What is the name of Buckbeaks would-be executioner?
What does Sirius give Ron in the last chapter?

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