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a substance or agent used to kill worms
a substance that is toxic to plants and is used to destroy unwanted vegetation
the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation
the act of killing of one's mother
to determine or settle (something in dispute or doubt)
a substance for killing six-legged creatures
a substance that kills spermatozoa, used as a contraceptive
the killing of one human being by another
destruction or abortion of a fetus
the deliberate act of a parent murdering their own child during the first 24 hours of life
the crime of killing a child within a year of birth (a person who kills an infant, especially their own child)
the killing of one's son or daughter
the intentional taking of one's own life
a substance used for destroying organisms such as mushrooms
an agent that is destructive to cells
the act of killing of one's father
a binary compound of silicon with a more electropositive element or group
the act of killing a god
a chemical preparation for destroying unwanted creatures
a drug or other agent that causes abortion
a substance poisonous to mites or ticks
a substance that is poisonous to algae
killing of a friend
Any pesticide intended to kill aphids
Any man-made substance that kills aphids
killing of birds
killer of bacteria
killing living material
slaughter of cattle
killing of whales and other cetaceans
substance used to kill bed-bugs
destruction or killing of a god
destruction of the environment
killing of a bishop
one who destroys another's reputation
killing of a cat
killing of a woman
killing or killer of flowers
destruction or abortion of a fetus
substance that kills ants
killing of one's brother
killing of germs
killing of a giant
killing of one's husband
a systematic and intentional undermining of a person's conscious mind : brainwashing
killing or killer of microbes
agent which kills mites
killing of mollusks
substance for killing flies
killing of parasites
harmful act appearing to be an attempt at suicide
killing or killer of one's parents
killing of parents or a parent-like close relative
killer of partridges
killing of offspring; killing of the human race
substance or person who kills rats
killing of spores
killing of tapeworms
killing or killer of a bull
killing of trypanosomes
killing or killer of a tyrant
destruction of a city
killing or killer of a bear
one who stabs an inflated skin vessel instead of killing someone
killing of one's own wife
killing or killer of a prophet
destroying the meaning of a word
An agent that inhibits or destroys viruses
killing of a fox
A chemical weedkiller
killing of a king

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