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Forced Order
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Who is the older Winchester brother?
Who is the younger Winchester brother?
What is their father's name?
What is their mother's name?
How many years apart are they?
What city did they live in as kids?
How old was Sam when his mother died?
Who killed Mary?
What color eyes did Azazel have?
What college was Sam going to?
What was Sam's LSAT score?
What kind of car do the Winchesters have?
What year is the car?
What was Sam's girlfriend's Halloween costume?
What was his girlfriend's name?
Sam's girlfriend died in the same manner as who?
Who's a chubby twelve year old?
How do you kill a wendigo?
What is the name of the boy Dean saved in Dead in the Water?
What is the number of the plane that crashed in Phantom Traveler?
How many people survived the initial crash in Phantom Traveler?
Demons react to what word?
What are the coordinates John left for Dean?
What was the name of the asylum that was haunted in the episode Asylum?
What kind of pie does Dean hope is 'freaking worth it'?
What makes Sam realize they need to go home in the episode Home?
What is the name of Dean's love interest in Route 666?
What does Sam move telekinetically in Nightmare?
Who kills Max in Nightmare?
What creature was Roy LeGrange controlling in Faith?
Who was the girl who desperately wanted to be cured in Faith?
What is the name of the girl Sam meets in Scarecrow?
What is the name of the website Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spangler run in Hell House?
What kind of creature is Mordechai in Hell House?
What is causing the mysterious sickness in Something Wicked?
Who summons a daeva?
Who does Sam go on a date with in Provenance?
Who created the Colt?
Which Winchester does Azazel possess at the end of Season 1?
Which Winchester is dying in the beginning of Season 2?
Who sells their soul to save the aforementioned Winchester?
Who does this person sell their soul to?
The Winchesters meet Jo, Ellen, and Ash in which episode?
What is the name of the reaper Dean meets in the episode In My Time of Dying?
Who is the hunter the Winchesters encounter in Bloodlust?
Who discovers he has an evil twin in Simon Says?
Who hunts with the Winchesters in No Exit?
What kind of vehicle does Dean steal in this episode?
What phrase is repeated over and over in The Usual Suspects?
What is this actually supposed to spell?
What kind of ghost is Claire in The Usual Suspects?
What virus in Sam immune to?
How many years do most people get to live when they make a deal with a crossroads demon?
What does Ronald think is responsible for the crimes in Nightshifter?
In what episode do the Winchesters meet the 'hooker from God'?
Who is possessed in Born Under a Bad Sign?
Who possesses this person?
Who says 'My daddy shot your daddy in the head'?
Who does he say this to?
What kind of creature is responsible for all the havoc in Tall Tales?
What is the name of the werewolf in Heart?
What is the movie that is being filmed in Hollywood Babylon?
What is the name of Dean's girlfriend in What Is and What Should Never Be
What type of creature is responsible for this alternate life?
Who is the first of the 'special children' to die in All Hell Breaks Loose?
Who is the last of the 'special children' to survive?
Who sells their soul to bring Sam back?
What is the name of the seemingly friendly demon the Winchesters meet in The Magnificent Seven?
What was the name of the intern who was killed in Ghostfacers?
What is the name of the old girlfriend Dean visits in The Kids are Alright?
What creature is causing all the children to act strange?
'Gay love can pierce through the veil of death and ___ ____ ___.' (three words)
'I procure unique items for __ ___ ____.' (three words)
What is the name of the thief Sam and Dean meet in Bad Day at Black Rock?
What Christmas carol do Sam and Dean sing in A Very Supernatural Christmas?
Who was the FBI agent who 'didn't shoot the deputy'?
All demons were once what?
What plant allows Sam and Dean to enter Bobby's dream?
What song plays over 100 Tuesdays in a row?
What is the name of the group of paranormal investigators that Harry and Ed started?
What is the phone number that appears on caller IDs in Long Distance Call?
What type of creature was luring people in this episode?
Who holds all the contracts?
Who made a deal to kill her parents?
What is Bela's real name?
What was the name of the little blonde girl Lilith possessed in No Rest for the Wicked?
How long was Dean in hell? (in earth time)
'I'm the one who gripped you tight and ____ ____ ____ ____.' (four words)
What is the name of the angel who saves Dean from hell?
Which psychic goes blind?
The Rising of the Witnesses broke a what?
What type of creature was Jack in Metamorphasis?
What kind of creature is obsessed with horror movies in Monster Movie?
Which brother is affected by the ghost sickness in Yellow Fever?
Dean says he will man what in Yellow Fever?
Which demon do the witches raise on Halloween?
Sam and Dean are 'teddy bear doctors' on which day of the week?
On what day was Mary killed?
Mary used to tell Dean that what kind of beings were watching over him?
What is the name of the girl who is 'tuned into angel radio'?
Who is the 'angelic specialist'?
Who broke the Devil's Trap that was holding Alastair?
What kind of being was Anna?
What was the name of the boy who used to bully Sam, who came back as a ghost in After School Special?
In this episode, Dean poses as what?
In what episode were people not dying in one particular town?
What is Dean's new last name in It's a Terrible Life?
How about Sam's?
Who was responsible for this?
What is Carver Edlund's real name?
Adam first appears in what episode?
What is Castiel's vessel's name?
Who broke the first seal?
Who was the last seal?
Who killed Ruby?
What is the name of the vessel Lucifer takes in Sympathy for the Devil?
Who is the first horseman to make an appearance?
What is the name of the camp in The End?
Who turns Castiel into an action figure?
What is the name of the witch who gives and takes years?
What is the trickster's real name?
What is he actually?
Who did Bela actually give the Colt to?
What is the name of the teenager Sam swaps bodies with in 'Swap Meat'?
What angel are Sam and Dean looking for in Dark Side of the Moon?
Who is 'cool' with the fact that Sam and Dean got them killed?
What name was the **** of Babylon going by?
Who is Michael's 'sword'?
Mary once made a deal to bring who back to life?
Who is Lucifer's true vessel?
Who does Michael take as a vessel instead of Dean?
What's Anna's true name?
In the episode Changing Channels, the announcer on one of the shows says, 'Mr Trickster doesn't like _____ _____ ____' (three words)?
Famine's arrival causes Cas to crave what?
Who killed Gabriel?
What is the name of the doorman at the hotel in Hammer of the Gods?
What is Sam and Dean's maternal grandmother's name?
What are Sam and Dean hunting in Weekend at Bobby's?
Which Winchester was temporarily a vampire?
Who was immune to Veritas?
In the episode Clap Your Hands if You Believe, Dean said 'fight those' what?
What does Meg take from Cas when she kisses him?
In Caged Heat, Meg says, 'What, do you want a ______'?
In order for Death to retrieve Sam's soul, Dean has to act as Death for how long?
Who does Sam ask for help to find a way so he can't get his soul back?
Who is the Mother of All?
Which Fate do Sam and Dean encounter in My Heart Will Go On?
Who unsank the Titanic?
In Frontierland, Dean calls the blanket a what?
'Don't step on that fish, Castiel, ____ ____ ____ ____ ____.' (five words)
Who becomes God at the end of S6?
Who does Sam imagine he is seeing throughout S7?
Who puts Dean on trial?
What else did Castiel bring with him when he took the souls of purgatory?
Who is the leader of the leviathans?
Sam marries who while under the effect of a love potion?
Amy Pond was a what?
Chronos sends Dean back to what year?
In Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie, Sam ends up covered in what?
Who successfully hacked Frank's hard drive?
'I'm Kevin Tran. I'm in advanced placement. ____ ____ ____ ___.' (four words)
'I was drunk, it was _____ ____' (two words)
Who watches over Cas while he is insane?
Cas wants to play what board game with Dean?
Who shows up on the Impala naked and covered in bees?
Killing Dick sends Cas and Dean to where?
Kevin's girlfriend was named what?
Cas evades Naomi's angels by traveling between which restaurant chain?
What was the name of the female werewolf in Bitten?
While Dean was in purgatory, Sam was with who?
Who was Benny in love with?
Naomi unsuccessfully tried to make Cas kill who?
What is Charlie's position in Moondoor?
Abaddon time-traveled to 2013 from what year?
Abaddon also extermined what society?
The first trial is to soak in the blood of what?
Sam and Dean see the hell hounds by scorching what in holy fire?
'I'm kinda good, which sucks. And you're kinda bad, which is actually ____ ____ ___ _____.' (four words)
Meg tells Sam to go save her what?
Castiel and Metatron kill the only living nephilim. What is her name?
What is the name of the rogue reaper who takes Sam to purgatory?
Who tricks Cas into casting the angels out of heaven?
Who is the last Knight of Hell?
For the last trial, Sam tries to cure who?
When Sam is dying after he attempted to complete the trials, Dean concludes his prayer to all the angels with, 'This is Dean Winchester. ___ ____ ___ ___.' (four words)
What does the shirt Abaddon steals say on it?
Charlie wishes hunting was more what?
The angel possessing Sam was actually who?
Who was the first person on Gadreel's list?
Whose grace does Castiel steal?
Castiel remarks that the sandwich tastes like what?
Crowley becomes addicted to what?
What is the name of Abaddon's vessel?
What is the only thing that can kill Abaddon?
Cain was in love with who?
The angelic suicide bombers say they are doing it for who?
Before he dies in the end of S9, Dean tells Sam, '_____ ____ ____ ___ .' (four words)
'He's in love with ____.'
'You draped yourself in the flag of heaven, but ultimately it was all about saving ____ ______.' (two words)
When Dean opens his eyes at the end of Do You Believe in Miracles, what color were they?

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