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can you hear my cry
i'm tired of all your lies and excuses now just get out of my face
so bad, no one can stop her
does she love me, does she love me not?
you know you wanna touch (like touch touch)
a game you can't control
welcome to my world, let's do this
you know you got me singing
don't cry no mo-o-o-re
rollercoaster, such a monster
now you know, all you need is me
don't touch it, we love it, she's dancing on the floor
be a man, a real man
i'm falling, falling for your love
let me put it down another way
i'm so fine, i'm so fine
good luck, i give you extra love
my first love story
just spread your wings
put your hands up in the air; left, right, side to side
tie up a ribbon
go to hell
kiss me on the lips, lips
could you tell, could you tell?
every day, every night, feel like a fool
i'm falling, i'm falling, i'm falling to you
can't fake it no more
dance the night away
we going crazy, my lucky lady
what you think about that?

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