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Can you name the TV shows and movies before and after?

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TV ShowTV Show MovieMovie
4 cougars in New YorkFernando Meirelles Film (2002)
Fat Girl shenanigans of the 80sBenigni tries to make the Holocaust fun (1997)
When the Olsen twins were hotRob Zombie tries to Direct (2003)
Lucy Lawless showInconceivable! (1987)
Alaskan hicks catch crabsHanks chases DiCaprio (2002)
You can't BS Tim RothJim Carrey split personalities (2000)
The show that taught us to count and gave us ADDVan Damme video game disaster (1994)
When the Wayans' Brothers were funnyNewman pool shark sequel (1986)
More vampire garbage from HBOLeo in Sierra Leone (2006)
Now we know who Jon Hamm isEstevez and Sheen as Garbage Men (1990)
TV ShowTV Show MovieMovie
90s version of the Brady BunchFerrell and Reilly and so many activities (2008)
Scott Bakula travels through timeSteve Martin as fake Christian healer (1992)
Fonzie and Richie and Chachi and...Top Gun meets Nascar (1990)
Reiser and Hunt and a dogWilson ruins Matt Dillons relationship/career (2006)
Edie Falco loves her VicodinQT's follow up to Pulp Fiction (1997)
ER made it, this show didn't.Sandra Bullock/Harry Connick Jr trash (1998)
Officer Dennis Franz shows his crack Officer Jamie Lee Curtis thinks she's tough (1990)
Bryan Cranston makes drugsChicos Bail Bonds (1976/2005)
Baldwin and Fey should just bang alreadyGuy Ritchie and funny accents take 3 (2008)
Bocho 80s cop dramaThey're on a mission from God (1980)

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