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Where do Rachel and Ross get married?
Why do Rachel and Ross get married?
Which 'Friend' used to be fat?
Who smokes?
Why does Chandler have to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma?
Since Ross is nervous during his first lecture, what does he do?
Where did Ross and Chandler meet?
Whose name did Ross say at the altar of his and Emily's wedding?
What is Joey's catchphrase?
Joey is watching wheel of fortune and the phrase is _OUN_ RUSHMORE. What does Joey think the answer is?
Who is the only friend that has lived with Ross?(In his OWN apartment, no one else's)
Which two friends don't leave for London(with everyone else) for Ross's wedding?
Who is the only friend who hasn't lived with Rachel?
Which Friend does Joey fall in love with?
Who leaves Rachel and Monica their stuff when he/she dies?
Who is Mr.Heckles most like out of all the friends?
Joey plays the butt of who in an acting role?
Who mugged Ross when he was a kid?
What is the name of Ross and Rachel's baby?
Who does Joey originally go to Barbados with(dating)?
Who does Joey end up leaving with in Barbados?
What song does Ross sing to his and Rachel's baby that makes her laugh?
In 'The One Where Joey Speaks French', what is on his resume that he demonstrates to Phoebe to prove that he can do it?
What kind of car does Joey find the keys to and stands by the car so people will talk to him?
What concert do Ross, Monica, and Chandler go to for Ross' Birthday?
Who does Rachel leave at the altar at her wedding?
Who had an affair with Rachel's fiance(above answer) while they were engaged?

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