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Can you name the Super Smash Bros Characters/Items for each letter given?

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Sources: Super Smash Bros - Super Smash Bros Melee - Super Smash Bros Brawl
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HintCorrect AnswerFirst Letter
Assist trophy off of Starfox that shoots squares at youA
Turtle Guy that breathes fireB
Floating hand on left side of Final DestinationC
Clone of Mario on MeleeD
This is the icon for the Ice Climbers. It is food that has eyesE
Fighter from Starfox F
Pokemon in pokeball that does nothingG
Stage that has flowers that change colors when you hit themH
Nana and PopoI
Her Final Smash makes her hugeJ
Two characters share this last nameK
He has a pet snakeL
HintCorrect AnswerFirst Letter
Do you even need a hint???? He's obviously off Fire EmblemM
Female Ice ClimberN
Captain __________ has living vegetables to do all his dirty workO
She made her fighting debut on Melee and has her own castleP
Flying dragon off of MetroidR
This character is on Brawl even though he is not a Nintendo CharacterS
This short non-playable character shows up when Peach uses her B AttackT
This pokemon is in pokeballs on melee, but its pre-evolution is playable on BrawlV
This Dark-Ice type pokemon is in pokeballs on Brawl. If he hits you, you cannot move until he goes awayW
Faster and more youthful version of Link that is only on meleeY
Planet ______ off of Metroid that is a stage with acidZ

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