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HintCorrect AnswerLetter
He attempted to kill Cell by using Self-Destruction but failedA
One of King Kai's petsB
Bad guy created by Dr. Gero in the future who wants to be perfectC
Young Nemekian that has the ability to heal people. He late replaces Kami on the lookoutD
Planet Goku is sent to as a babyE
Bad guy who wiped out most of the SaiyansF
Fusion between Goku and Vegeta when they perform the Fusion DanceG
Videl's dad who is an awesome fighterH
A technique taught to Goku by the Yardrats that allows him toteleport somewhere elseI
Red guy in the Ginyu ForceJ
Goku's main attack that other people can useK
Where Kami and Mr. Popo liveL
HintCorrect AnswerLetter
Person who trained Goku and other fighters on his islandM
One of the surviving Saiyans who came to Earth when Radditz diedN
Where people go when the dieO
Eternal Dragon that is summoned with the Nemekian Dragon BallsP
Goku's BrotherR
Saiyan from the future with a sword T
Reincarnation of Evil BuuU
Prince of all SaiyansV
Tournament where fighters gather from all across the world to fightW
Fat swordsmen who cut off Vegeta's tailY
Frieza's highest ranking general who turns ugly when he becomes more powerfulZ

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