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Forced Order
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Allen Bauer1984
Rick Gassko1984
Richard Harlan Drew1985
Lawrence Whatley Bourne III1985
Walter Fielding, Jr.1986
David Basner1986
David Bradley1986
Pep Streebeck1987
Adult Josh Baskin1988
Steven Gold1988
Detective Scott Turner1989
Ray Peterson1989
Joe Banks1990
Sherman McCoy1990
Jimmy Dugan1992
Sam Baldwin1993
Andrew Beckett1993
Forrest Gump1994
Jim Lovell1995
Woody (voice)1995, 1999 & 2010
Mr. White1996
Captain John H. Miller1998
Joe Fox1998
Paul Edgecombe1999
Chuck Noland2000
Michael Sullivan, Sr.2002
FBI Agent Carl Hanratty2002
Viktor Navorski2004
Professor G.H. Dorr2004
Santa Claus, Express Conductor, Hobo, Hero Boy, Father (voices)2004
Professor Robert Langdon2006
Himself (voice)2007
Charlie Wilson2007
Mr. Gable2008
Professor Robert Langdon2009

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