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Fascinated by good, destroyed by evil, what is there to believe in?
In these plagued streets of pity you can buy anything, for $200 anyone can conceive a God on video
I write this alone in my bed, I've poisoned every room in a house
Pretend prayer, pretend care, makes everything seem so fair
But it's too late to be real, no time to be strong enough, just time to leave it all behind
Love your masks and adore your failures
Daylight bores the sunshine out of me, I need to feel
Maybe the summer will come and clear our minds, and find the impulse, to love the sunshine
It's easy to breathe, it's easy to grieve, to breathe only air where life should be
I am all the things that you regret, the truth that washes, that learnt how to spell
And we are not allowed to spend, as we are told that this is the end
Fragments crawling like cobwebs on stone, blows away the safety only a sleeping pill knows
Maybe this strangeness only ever was, to hide ourselves from some kind of happiness
I can't see right from my wrong, I've loved so much that I can't go on
Wear your eyes as dark as night, paint your face with what you like
Rock and roll is our epiphany, culture, alienation, boredom and despair
It was set in a different life, destroys my days and haunts my nights
Drop your bombs on all I see, leave this world alone for me
Just one thing before I get to sleep, nothing here but the stains on my teeth
Kleenex kitchen towels and teletext TV, my favourite inventions of the twentieth century
Here I am rise and shine, way down, of course I smile
Feels like there is no escape, except through my hate
I choose my choice, I starve to frenzy, hunger soon passes and sickness soon tires
If the love between us has faded away, left in the rain, scratching at the stains
Stutter, stutter, nothing else but me, I twitch and turn while underneath
Gravity keeps my head down, or is it maybe shame at being so young and being so vain?
Nothing's finished it just fades away, like a lover who has lost her faith
Just like lungs sucking on air, survivals natural as sorrow
Why walk when you can crawl, stay on your knees and kiss my feet
If hospitals cure, then prisons must bring their pain
Wanna get out, won't miss you sensaround, to carry your own dead to swing your tyre tricks
It's not 'what's right?', it's 'what's wrong?', it's the facts of life, sunshine
Beauty finds refuge in herself, lovers wrapped inside each others lies
Drinking water to stay thin, or is it to purify, I love you all the same
Do not listen to a word I say, just listen to what I keep silent

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