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Forced Order
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givesitem name
10 intelligence,%125 mana regeneration,25 movement speed,active:cyclone
20 intelligence,30 attack speed,45 damage,%225 mana regeneration,active:soul burn
70 attack speed,24 damage,passive:chain lightning,active:static charge
25 strength,20 damage,5 armor,passive:lifesteal,active:unholy rage
65 damage,6 hp regeneration,%150 mana regeneration,passive:cleave
10 damage,5 hp regeneration,%125 mana regeneration
12/14/16/18/20 intelligence,3 all attributes,9 damage,active:energy burst
9 damage,%15 attack speed,5 armor,3 hp regeneration,active:unholy strength
450 hp,400 mana,6 hp regeneration,%150 mana regeneration,passive:bloodpact
25 all attributes,200 hp,150 mana,passive:cold attack
75 damage,passive:critical strike
22/26 agility,6/10 intelligence,passive:feedback
30 attack speed,active:transmute
6 agility,3 strength,3 intelligence
6 damage,passive:mana aura,passive:armor aura
26 agility,10 strength,10 intelligence,15 attack speed,%10 movement speed,active:mirror image
35 intelligence,10 strength,10 agility,%200 mana regeneration,active:hex
6 hp regeneration,%150 mana regeneration,15 all attributes,blocks most targeted spells once every 20 seconds
5 hp regeneration,%200 mana regeneration,40 damage,active:reset cooldowns
%30 spell resistance,8 hp regeneration
passive:vampiric aura,passive:damage aura,passive:armor aura,passive:mana regeneration aura
6 strength,3 agility,3 intelligence
60 damage,passive:burn damage
30 damage,6 strength,passive:bash
95 movement speed,active:teleport
2 all attributes,passive:regeneration aura
10 all attributes,200 hp,150 mana,passive:ultimate upgrade
30 intelligence,15 armor,passive:freezing aura,active:arctic blast
givesitem name
3 armor,300 mana,active:replenish mana
30 agility,30 damage,30 attack speed,%30 evasion
250 damage
35 damage,passive:critical strike
10 strength,25 damage,active:avatar
6 intelligence,3 strength,3 agility
6 intelligence,10 attack speed,15 damage,%75 mana regeneration
5 armor,2 all attributes,active:armor bonus
24 damage,15 attack sped,passive:chain lightning
22 damage,5 armor,10 intelligence,active:damage return
7 all attributes,active:ghost form
10 intelligence,10 damage,%10 attack speed,active:force
40 attack speed,10 armor,passive:attack speed aura,passive:positive armor aura,passive:negative armor aura
80 damage,15 attack speed,passive:true strike,passive:mini bash
15/21/24 intelligence,6/10/14 strength,active:demonic summoning
60 damage,passive:corruption
20 damage,5 armor,passive:lifesteal,active:dominate
16 strength,10 damage,passive:lesser maim
60 movement speed,25 attack speed,10 selected attributes,active:switch attribute
passive:quell,active:tree chop
16 agility,15 attack speed,%10 movement speed
450 hp,400 mana,1 hp regeneraton,%10 mana regeneration
6 hp regeneration,300 hit points,passive:damage block
active:summon flying courier
70 movement speed,24 damage,active:phase
5 all attributes,5 armor,passive:mekansm aura,active:heal
16 agility,16 strength,12 damage,15 attack speed,%12 movement speed,passive:greater maim
40 strength,300 hp,passive:health regeneration
38 damage,10 attack speed,active:wind walk

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