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Can you name the Final Level-Up Moves of Pokémon (Red/Blue)?

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Bulbasaur: Lv.48
Ivysaur: Lv.54
Venusaur: Lv.65
Charmander: Lv.46
Charmeleon: Lv.56
Charizard: Lv.55
Squirtle: Lv.42
Wartortle: Lv.47
Blastoise: Lv.52
Caterpie: Lv.-
Metapod: Lv.-
Butterfree: Lv.32
Weedle: Lv.-
Kakuna: Lv.-
Beedrill: Lv.35
Pidgey: Lv.44
Pidgeotto: Lv.47
Pidgeot: Lv.54
Rattata: Lv.34
Raticate: Lv.41
Spearow: Lv.36
Fearow: Lv.43
Ekans: Lv.38
Pikachu: Lv.43
Sandshrew: Lv.38
Sandslash: Lv.47
Nidoran (F): Lv.43
Nidorina: Lv.50
Nidoqueen: Lv.23
Nidoran (M): Lv.43
Nidorino: Lv.50
Nidoking: Lv.23
Clefairy: Lv.48
Vulpix/Ninetales: Lv.42
Jigglypuff: Lv.39
Zubat: Lv.36
Golbat: Lv.43
Oddish: Lv.46
Gloom: Lv.52
Paras: Lv.41
Parasect: Lv.48
Venonat: Lv.43
Venomoth: Lv.50
Diglett: Lv.40
Dugtrio: Lv.47
Meowth: Lv.44
Persian: Lv.51
Psyduck: Lv.52
Golduck: Lv.59
Mankey: Lv.39
Primeape: Lv.46
Growlithe: Lv.50
Poliwag: Lv.45
Poliwhirl: Lv.49
Abra: Lv.-
Kadabra/Alakazam: Lv.42
Machop: Lv.46
Machoke/Machamp: Lv.52
Bellsprout: Lv.42
Weepinbell: Lv.49
Tentacool: Lv.48
Tentacruel: Lv.50
Geodude: Lv.36
Graveler/Golem: Lv.43
Ponyta: Lv.48
Rapidash: Lv.55
Slowpoke: Lv.48
Slowbro: Lv.55
Magnemite: Lv.47
Magneton: Lv.54
Farfetch'd: Lv.39
Doduo: Lv.44
Dodrio: Lv.51
Seel: Lv.50
Dewgong: Lv.56
Grimer: Lv.55
Muk: Lv.60
Shellder: Lv.50
Cloyster: Lv.41
Gastly: Lv.35
Haunter/Gengar: Lv.38
Onix: Lv.43
Drowzee: Lv.37
Hypno: Lv.43
Krabby: Lv.35
Kingler: Lv.49
Voltorb: Lv.43
Electrode: Lv.50
Exeggcute: Lv.42
Exeggutor: Lv.28
Cubone: Lv.38
Marowak: Lv.41
Hitmonlee: Lv.53
Hitmonchan: Lv.53
Lickitung: Lv.39
Koffing/Weezing: Lv.53
Rhyhorn: Lv.55
Rhydon: Lv.64
Chansey: Lv.54
Tangela: Lv.49
Kangaskhan: Lv.46
Horsea: Lv.45
Seadra: Lv.52
Goldeen/Seaking: Lv.54
Staryu: Lv.47
Starmie: Lv.37
Mr. Mime: Lv.47
Scyther: Lv.42
Jynx: Lv.58
Electabuzz: Lv.54
Magmar: Lv.55
Pinsir: Lv.54
Tauros: Lv.51
Magikarp: Lv.15
Gyarados: Lv.52
Lapras: Lv.46
Ditto: Lv.-
Eevee: Lv.45
Vaporeon: Lv.54
Jolteon: Lv.54
Flareon: Lv.54
Porygon: Lv.42
Omanyte: Lv.49
Omastar: Lv.53
Kabuto: Lv.49
Kabutops: Lv.53
Aerodactyl: Lv.54
Snorlax: Lv.56
Articuno: Lv.60
Zapdos: Lv.60
Moltres: Lv.60
Dratini: Lv.50
Dragonair: Lv.55
Dragonite: Lv.60
Mewtwo: Lv.81
Mew: Lv.40

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