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QUIZ: Can you name the level which certain Gen. I Pokémon evolves?

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Bulbasaur to Ivysaur
Ivysaur to Venusaur
Charmander to Charmeleon
Charmeleon to Charizard
Squirtle to Wartortle
Wartortle to Blastoise
Caterpie to Metapod
Metapod to Butterfree
Weedle to Kakuna
Kakuna to Beedrill
Pidgey to Pidgeotto
Pidgeotto to Pidgeot
Rattata to Raticate
Spearow to Fearow
Ekans to Arbok
Sandshrew to Sandslash
Nidoran (F) to Nidorina
Nidoran (M) to Nidorino
Zubat to Golbat
Oddish to Gloom
Paras to Parasect
Venonat to Venomoth
Diglett to Dugtrio
Meowth to Persian
Psyduck to Golduck
Mankey to Primeape
Poliwag to Poliwhirl
Abra to Kadabra
Machop to Machoke
Bellsprout to Weepinbell
Tentacool to Tentacruel
Geodude to Graveler
Ponyta to Rapidash
Slowpoke to Slowbro
Magnemite to Magneton
Doduo to Dodrio
Seel to Dewgong
Grimer to Muk
Gastly to Haunter
Drowzee to Hypno
Krabby to Kingler
Voltorb to Electrode
Cubone to Marowak
Koffing to Weezing
Rhyhorn to Rhydon
Horsea to Seadra
Goldeen to Seaking
Magikarp to Gyarados
Omanyte to Omastar
Kabuto to Kabutops
Dratini to Dragonair
Dragonair to Dragonite

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