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Who comes to Central City in episode 16?
Why did Jay lose his speed?
Who is Darhk's wife?
What happens to Merlyn after he and Oliver fight?
What does Caitlin create that is discovered to be repairing Jay's cells and giving him temporary speed?
What is the name of Linda Park's Earth-2 alter ego?
Who is Caitlyn's doppleganger from Earth-2?
Where does Gorilla Grodd end up after being sucked into the wormhole?
Who does Joe West of Earth-2 hate?
Who goes to Earth-2?
Who is brought back to life via the Lazarus Pit?
Who are some of the easter eggs displayed on the West-Allen home phone on Earth-2?
Who is Zoom?
Who becomes Deathstroke to honor his father>
Name the female speedster who comes to C. City?
Where does Vixen come from?
Who finds out about Oliver being the arrow when Oliver's son is kidnapped?
What does Zoom do when he first meets Barry?
What happens after Oliver proposes to Felicity?
What is felicity queen known as
what is roy harper's code name
who is engaged to oliver
Who attacks Barry at the Flash Day celebration?
What is Damein Darhk's secret organization?
Who was seen flying in the easter egg when the gang goes through the wormhole to Earth-2?
Who are the candidates for the mayor of Star City
Who is Carter Hall known as?
Who is Cisco's doppleganger from Earth-2?
Who in Barry's family is alive on Earth-2?
Where does Vixen fight crime and live?
Who tells Damien Darhk about Oliver's son?
what is name of john diggle's future son
Who does Zoom kill because they hurt Barry?
How many breaches are in Central City because of the singularity?
Which other show is the Flash going to appear on?
Who is Ra's in Season 4?
What is the name of Cisco's alterego?
Who returns in Season 16 of Arrow to kill couples in love?
Who is revealed to have come back after being vibed by Cisco?
What does the Man in the Metal Mask tap in his cell in Zoom's lair to Barry and Harry's daughter?
Who attacks on Earth-1 in Episode 15 after he escapes from A.R.G.U.S?
Where is Zoom's lair on Earth 2?
Who is Tar Pit?
What is Iris's occupation on Earth-2?
Who does Barry meet when he is captured by Zoom?
Who is revealed to be alive and well after being though to be in the grave scene?
What is oliver queen's alter ego?
Who is Jay's doppleganger on Earth-1?
What is the twist revealed at the end of episode 1 of Season 4 of Arrow?
Who is Barry married to on Earth-2?
What does Felicity do at the end of the episode in which Oliver's son is kidnapped?
Why is Oliver allowed to go into the secret passageway on Lian Yu in flashbacks?
Who is the big bad in season 4 of Arrow?
What organization leads the attack on A.R.G.U.S?
Who incapacitates King Shark just as it is about to kill Barry?
What is Phase 5 known as?
Who does Oliver ask to help save his son William?
What phase of the plan are HIVE on by episode 14 of Arrow?
Who is believed to be the Man in the Metal Mask?
Why does Harry want to help stop Zoom with the help of Earth-1's Flash
Who is secretly discovered to be alive and working with HIVE after he was thought to be dead?
Finish the name: The ________ Flash Returns
What is Thea's nickname?
Who is part of the Family of Rogues?
What is the name of the Flash on Earth 2?
Who helps restore Sara's soul?
What happens to Iris when Tar Pit attacks?
What happens after Vixen breaks Damein's magic totem?
Who else is seen when the gang goes through the wormhole?
Who is Jeremy Tell?
What happens to Felicity after her surgery?
Who is the new half of Firestorm?
Who is revealed to have died trying to stop the singularity?
What is the Calculator's real name?
Who is Diggle's daughter named after?
Why does Wally come to Central City?
What is Snart's sister's name?
Who was the other potential candidate to be firestorm, but turned?
who is oliver's wife
what is lyla michael's code name
Who leaves Central City after discovering that Barry is the Flash?
Who is Barry's new girlfriend?
Who dies in the seige of A.R.G.U.S?
What is Zoom obsessed with?
What is Machin's symbol?
What is Mick Rory's alter ego?
What is Henry Hewitt's alter ego?
Why does Harry steal some of Barry's speed?
Who does Lonnie Machin go after in Episode 10 of Arrow?
who is felicity's father?
What is the name of Baron Reiter's organization?
Who is the big bad in the season 4 flashbacks?
who is thea queen related to
Who is Iris's long lost brother?
What happens to Jay after the gang comes back from Earth-2?
Who is hunting down Kendra and Carter?
Who is Ronnie's doppleganger from Earth-2?
Who is Oliver's son's mother
Who wears the Legion Rings?
Who comes back from the Earth-2 excursion?
Who keeps sending Earth-2 metahumans to kill Barry Allen/The Flash?
What is Leonard Snart's alter ego
What does Joe do when he sees Harry?
What kind of ring is seen when the gang goes through the wormhole in S.T.A.R. Labs?
Who are Zoom's Earth 2 henchmen?
Who is the big bad on Earth 2?
Who attacks on Earth-1 when Barry goes to Earth-2?
Where do Barry's mom and dad plan to go on Earth-2?
What is Lisa Snart's doppleganger?
What is name of the group of mercenaries that are hired to kill Captain Lance?
What is Joe's occupation on Earth-2?
Who is Kendra known as?
Why does Roy return?
What is Oliver and Samantha's son's name?
Who is the new Green Arrow in the possible STAR CITY 2046 in L.O.T.?

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