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Forced Order
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RoleActor Role
I'v fallen madly in love on a very large ship and in a Shakespeare epicIv worked for the law and against the law in America, the Middle East, and Africa and you rarely know what side I am on. I am very hard to catch. Just ask Tom.
You might think I am strange for living in an airport, befriending a ball, traveling to the north pole, or falling in love with a girl through the mail.You might think I am a badass for fighting demons and the german army, chasing FBI's most wanted fugitives across the country, and single handedly destroying the Irish Mob in New York
I can catch terrorists, incarcerate drug cartels, expose senators, and topple empiresBut I can't control my own mind
I held people against their will in trains, museums, and banksI have also risked my life to get people out
I avenged America against the Japanese and prevented a nuclear war with Russia, saved humanity from complete destruction, was blind but still a superhero However, my daughter has put me in my place, my best friend has knocked up my girlfriend, and the girl I loved wouldn't live with me until I decided to marry her
I was born to end lives, whether it be in the late bronze age, the wild west, the trailer park in England, a secret society in the basement, Nazi occupied France, or in the same hoBut my life was ended when I got scared and hid in the closet
Lying, signature forging, and exceptional impersonations are three of my talents and have been able to deceive fortune 500 companies, hot-shot casino owners, and the state police aMy talents don't help me very much when I am attached to my brother at birth, shy around girls, and have panic attacks on a regular basis
I am one of the largest arms dealers in the world, known as a merchant of death, and can drop an animal dead using my mindProbably because I am the Dude
It's hard for me to maintain relationships when I am flying non-stop around the country, out at sea for months at a time, and as a fugitive on the runBut I find plenty of time for women surfing the online dating sites
I try real hard to remember last night in Vegas, to remember where I parked my car, and to remember what happened when I black outBut I join the Coast Guard to try not remember my awful past

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