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Quote Movie Actor
'Why the f*** would I want a caravan that's got no wheels on it?!'
'I you were in you office then we'd be having this conversation face to face.'
'I don't know about you, but I like to get kissed before I get f*****.'
'Good, one less thang.'
'that's how I roll, you'll learn that.'
'When did you start drinking today, with your little airplane bottles of Vodka?'
'I meant what I said and I said what I meant, and an Elephant is faithful one hundred percent.'
'Oh no not the shirt! Take my eyes but not the shirt!'
'You make em look left, and then you go right.. it's the Kansas City Shuffle.'
'They need people like me, so that they can point their fingers at me and say 'that's the bad guy!''
Quote Movie Actor
'S***! Damn! Oh that is Wack!'
'Pray, that they're that stupid. Pray, that we're are that lucky.'
'I will make him an offer he cannot refuse.'
'You're no better than the damn people who built this place.'
'No idea! Let's just say you have no idea what we do and leave it at that!'
'There are no packs between lions and men.'
'Where's he going that he's gonna be out of touch, New Guinea?'
'I will see you again my friend..but not yet..not yet'
'Top secret is the kind of mission where you receive medals..except they're sent to your families.'
'Second prize is a brand new set of steak knives! Third prize is.. you're fired!'

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