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Can you name the Federal Government cases/bills 1865 - 1992?

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1873State's rights over elections increased
1890Federal Supervision of state primaries
1898Jim Crow Laws deemed constitutional
1899Segregation spreads
1915Grandfather Clauses struck down
1917City segregation reduced
1923Lynching, mob trials decrease
1938Equality in segregation. Black teachers' salaries up to 80% of whites
1944Exclusion of black voters illegal. Black voters up to 12%
1950Knocks holes in plessy - blacks can attend white schools if no 'substantially equal' facilities nearby
1954segregation deemed unconstitutional
1957black voting rights (ineffective short term but sets a precedent of civil rights acts)
1960Authority of judges to protect voting rights, local records on voting rights to be maintained
1960desegregation spreads from education
1964stops schools closing to prevent desegregation
1964racial discrimination and segregation illegal
1965poll taxes and other Jim Crow laws struck down
1967desegregation spreads from education
1968no racial discrimination in field of housing (gradual long-term social change)
1971Nixon's affirmative action confirmed
1974deliberately bussing (commuting children to schools outside locality to get a better race mix) decreased
1978affirmative action deemed as racial discrimination against whites!
1988recipients of federal funds must comply with civil rights laws in all areas, not just in the particular program or activity that received federal funding

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