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Can you name the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie in which...?

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Forced Order
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SceneMovieExtra info
A passing motorcyclist attempts to steal Arnold's suitcase and ends up flat on his back after falling off his motorcycle
Arnold calls Satan a choirboy
Arnold shoots a crocodile in the mouth
Arnold holds a small man over a cliff with one hand before letting him go
Arnold drives a motorcycle off an overpass and onto the street below
A hologram is mistaken for Arnold's character and shot at by several guys, in the following scene, he is mistaken for the hologram and the same guys don't shoot
Arnold criticizes his horse after the bad guy got away
Arnold insists he is not a pervert and that he was looking for the Turbo Man doll
SceneMovieExtra info
Arnold pummels a man who had been beating his young son
Arnold fires at some police officers while carrying a coffin on his shoulder
Arnold says: run, get to the choppa!
Arnold claims the ice age killed the dinosaurs
Arnold pulls a man's beating heart out of his body
Arnold orders a man to clone himself so he can go **** himself
Arnold smokes a joint

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