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Can you name the character who said the following quote in TMNT or TMNT 2: The Secret of the Ooze?

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Forced Order
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Pizza dude's got 30 seconds!
I'll never call golf a dull game again!
my record on the record clearly shows that I have no 'off the record' record, make a record of that!
Never lower your eyes to an enemi.
I'm being punished, aren't I?
uhh, idiots!
Master say have fun!
Hold it! You guys are under arrest!
You lie!
Bossa nova!
They're not stupid, they're infants!
Let's not forget my personal favorite, 2 minutes for high sticking!
Just shut and kiss me OK?
Leo says hi.
Why don't you just rip my lips off?
This is your family, I am your father.
...and next time, I'll use mustard!
There will be no mistake this time, I go myself.
Nobody understands cricket!

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