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Who am I?Player/team
I am the only player other than Mario Lemieux to oustcore Wayne Gretzky between 79-80 and 93-94 in a season in which he played more than 45 games
Of the players with more than three 50 goal seasons, I am the only one who never had a 100 point season
I am the last player to lead the league with a +/- total above +80 in a season
We are the only original 6 franchise that hasn't had at least 3 different single season 100 point scorers
I hold the NHL record for most career empty net goals with 13
We are the only franchise that has had 12 different 100 point scorers
Before 92-93, only Mike Bossy and myself had ever scored over 50 goals as a rookie
Of all the players who've only had one 100 point season, I am the only one who did it as a rookie
Of the nine players to score over 140 points in a season at least once, I'm the only one who didn't do it between 80-81 and 95-96
I am the only player to ever have an 80 assist season without reaching 100 points
Who am I?Player/team
We are the only franchise other than the Detroit Red Wings to qualify for the playoffs each year since the 04-05 lockout
I am the highest scoring player with a career +/- below 0 at -10
We are the only franchise to require less than 6 games to win the Stanley Cup final since 2002
I am the only player in the top 35 scorers of all time with less than 1000 career games played
I am the only 600 goal scorer with a career +/- rating below 0 at -2
In 2008, Alexander Ovechkin became the first left winger to win the Hart trophy since myself
I am the only player in the top 20 in career assists who has less than 300 goals
I am the highest scoring player who has more career goals than assists
We are the only current franchise that has made it to the Stanley Cup final more than once and never won a game
I am the highest scoring player with over 2500 career pim

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