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Can you name the answers to these questions from the Back to the Future trilogy?

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Who became the world's very first time traveller?
When Doc finds out that Ronald Reagan is president of the United States in 1985, who does he guess is vice president?
How much does it cost to turn your car into a skyway flyer?
What do Doc and Marty use to get the Delorean up to 88 mph without fuel in 1885
Who wins the World Series in 2015?
What does Lorraine's father threaten to do if she ever has a kid who acts like Marty?
What does Marty purchase in 2015 that ends up completely altering the past?
Who ends up falling face first into a pile of manure after a duel with Marty?
Who did Marty claim he was when he entered George's room dressed in a radiation suit?
Marty loses all self control when someone calls him what?
Which 80s hit is heard playing when Marty enters Cafe 80s in 2015?
In 1885, Doc was destined to be shot in the back over how much money?
Which uncle of Marty's is in jail in 1985?
What is the name of Biff's grandson in 2015?
When Marty writes a letter to Doc in 1955, what does he write on the envelope?
Shortly after arriving in 1885, Marty is saved by Doc as he was about to be killed in what manner?
The terrorists who shot Doc early in the first movie were from which country?
What is the name of Doc's dog in 1955?
What is the name of the subdivision where Marty lives in 2015?
What does Lorraine assume Marty's name is when she initially meets him in 1955?

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