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What am IS
One of the founders of Hogwarts
How students are placed in houses
Harry's God Father
Harry saves this item from Voldemort and Quirrell
Harry's Quidditch position
Little Golden Quidditch Ball
The Half Blood Prince
Peter Pettigrew's rodent identity
Spinning glass top that detects dark arts
Silver wizard coin
The most haunted building in Britain
Harry's 6th year potions master
Knight Bus Attendant
What am IS
Hermione starts this club for house elf equality
Dobby dies outside this house
Harry's roomate who doubts he faced Voldemort
Harry learnes this destructive spell in his used potions book
Kingsley's last name
Herbology Professor
Harry kills a basilisk with this
Slytherin symbol
Spell that puts the victim into an unconscious state
Harry drinks this after Lockhart removes his bone
Aragog was this, also known as an Acromantula
Dragon Breed that Cedric took on in the 1st task
Harry's Patronus

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