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What Am IP
Harry grew up on this street
Ron's specky brother
Popular wizard drink
Ron and Hermione become this in 5th year
Harry views past memories with this
Harry drinks this to transform into Goyle
Annoying Hogwarts Poltergeist
What you conjur in defense against dementors
Sirius' mutt code name
James' secret code name
Harry uses one of these to get to the Quittich World Cup
What Am IP
The brothers of the deathly hallows
Harry's date for the Yule Ball
The Reverse Spell Effect
Wizard treat sold on the Hogwarts Express
Ginny's pet, named Arnold
Lockhart's useless spell against blue fairies
Fred and George's nauseating candy
School Nurse (first and last name)
Class that Snape teaches
Scabbers' true identity
Voldemort despises any wizard who is not of this status

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