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An object that contains a piece of soul
One of the four founders of the school
A type of curse or jinx
Quidditch referee and flying instructor
3 items make up the Deathly -
People who work at St. Mungo's are called -
Harry's hometown is Godric's -
Dumbledore's title
Ginny's patronus is this animal
Brooms can fly because of this charm
Important Wizard Book written by Chroniclus Punnet
Dumblefore's brother works at this pub
Percy becomes this in his 7th year
Harry's Owl
Professor Slughorn's first name
Harry's brainy female friend
Harry's giant friend
Fred and George's invention that makes you invisible from the neck up
The dragon breed Harry fights in the Triwizard Tournament
An angry letter that screams at the receiver
Zonko's is in this village
Title of a Gilderoy Lockhart book
The only school subject taught by a ghost
Wizard School
Professor Sprout teaches this subject
Snape calls himself this (book 6)
Sweet Shop that Harry sneaks into
The only all female professional Quidditch team
Buckbeak is a -
Harry's wand is made of this wood

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