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Hogwarts headmaster
Harry drops these in order to sneak into Umbridges office at the ministry
Harry's porky cousin
Soul Suckers
Wizard street with lots of shops
Harry gives him a sock
Harry's first triwizard task
Voldemort's followers
Evil wizards dabble in this magic
Professor Trelawney teaches this class
This plant will sulk in the sun
These 3 items make you master of death
Rita Skeeter writes for this paper
Lockhart starts up this defensive club
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Harry finds his prophecy here
Where Potions classes are held
The Ravenclaw horcrux
Headmaster before Dumbledore
Hermione uses this on Ron after he's splinched
Harry makes this perfect potion to earn Felix Felicis
Exploding pellets creating smelly gas
The best blowing gum
Dumbledore leaves this to Ron in his will
Bright blue pixie with 2 rows of sharp teeth
He escorted the Dursley's to safety (advance guard)
Krum went to this school
Harry's sworn enemy from school

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