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Who am IPerson
Body guard of the Roman Emperors
Wooden sword given to ensure a gladiator's freedom
The Roman arena where gladiators fight
The group tha Maximus defeats in the colosseum
Roman general who betrays Maximus
Numidian slave whose trade was hunting
Rome's last battle is fought in this land
Ambitious, sociopathic son who becomes Caesar by force
After being imprisoned as a slave, Maximus becomes this
The True Caesar who was murdered by his son
The Leader of the Roman Empire
Maximus' faithful servant
Man who buys Maximus as a gladiator
The Senator who tries to help Maximus escape
Who am IPerson
Manager of Gladiators (Proximo's title)
Maximus and gladiators recreate the battle of -
Marcus Aurelius' daughter
Rome's only undefeated Gladiator
Roman soldier
Proximo's lead gladiator who befriends Maximus
The afterlife
Rome becomes a Republic, ruled by this group
Roman providence in North Africa
Maximus and the gladiators play this role in their battle of Rome
FULL NAME of The General/ The Spaniard
Senator who becomes Commodus' ally
Lucilla's first words to Commodus after their father's death

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