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Can you name the Earthbound Cities/Places Super NES?

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where am Icity or place
Jeff rides Tessie across this lake
Port town where Ness sails to fight the Kraken
Mr. Monotoli controls this city
You need the Hawk Eye to see here
Ness enters the pyramid south of this town
The entire tribe of this place are shy
Ness fights dinosaurs here
Ness meets the Mr. Saturn here
Carpainter's Blue World
Ness stands behind the waterfall here
Talah Rama is underground here
Jeff goes to Boarding School in this country
where am Icity or place
Ness' Hometown
Ness' Dream World
Yes means no and no means yes here
Ness battles his nightmare at the center of this body of water
Ness rids this town of Zombies
Ness meets Everdred here
Paula's Hometown
Poo's Native Country
Ness first uses the Pencil Eraser here
Ness is from this country
Posh seaside resort town

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