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Forced Order
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Onett is in this country
'Your Sanctuary' location in Dalaam
Can be found by using a Piggy Nose
Inventor of the Suporma
Monster living in the waters between Toto and Scaraba
You learn this skill from a desert monkey
Only Poo can master this Offensive attack
They are captured in Threed's circus tent
Master Belch craves this stuff
You always get this when you defeat a spiteful crow
Hot, sexy singer at Topolla Theatre
First 'Your Sanctuary' Location
Everdred gives you this in Burglin Park
Unearths the Mani Mani statue
Bespectacled friend who fixes all appliances/gadgets
You can't see in Deep Darkness without this
Unappealing but brilliant kid inventor
Only Jeff can use these (regular/big/multi)
Makes only one flavor: Trout
Protagonist Hero
Popular Band in debt
Far east country where Poo is from

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