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Who Am I?American Girl
My father was a doctor in World War 2
I am a gens de couleur libre
I am Native American
I love Amelia Earhart and journalism
I lived during the Revolutionary War and adore horses
I was once a slave who escaped to freedom
I am Jewish, growing up in New York
I experienced the Hippie Era
I live in a Victorian Mansion with my Grandmary
Who Am I?American Girl
I came from Sweden and lived on the Minnesota frontier
I live in New Mexico with 3 older sisters
I came to America from England to escape the Blitz
My father was imprisoned for being a Loyalist
My grandparents own a restaraunt in Chinatown
I have to quit school to help my mama with the washing
I used to work in a factory and was adopted by my best friends' uncle
We are well off during the Great Depression and I adore Princesses
I move with my father to New Orleans

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