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QUIZ: Can you name the CSI Miami Relationships?

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Who is the main character of the show?
Who almost cried over this person while he was in the hospital.
Who was in love with?
Who also dated this undercover cop.
Who tried to arrest this CSI for murder.
Who was covering for this woman because she believed she killed her husband??
Who was also acussed by this person for stealing 100,000 dollars of money from the evidence locker
Who framed this man for stealing a car and diamonds from the locker?
Who caught this woman stealing meds from dead bodies?
Who gave this kid a job?
Whos' mother is?
Who was married to?
Who was along with these people as enemies of Horatio Caine?
Who killed Horatio's wife of only a few hours?
Who was apart of what gang?
this is the

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