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Can you name the terms from these random Religion questions all beginning with a specific letter of the alphabet?

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HintReligious TermFirst Letter
A word for God used in the context of IslamA
The Christian Holy Book usually made up of many individual booksB
Bishops in the Roman Catholic church who advise the PopeC
The spiritual leader of Tibetan BuddhismD
The day remembering the resurrection of Jesus (usually celebrated with a bunny)E
One of the three members of the TrinityF
The first book of the Old TestamentG
The residence of God and the angels where there is complete bliss; EdenH
The second largest world religion with over 1.5 billion believersI
A holy place to Muslims, Jews, and Christians found in IsraelJ
The collection of good and evil a person gains in one's lifeK
One of the seven deadly sinsL
Considered the greatest and final prophet of Islam (also known as founder)M
The collection of books of the Gospels, Acts, Epistles, and RevelationN
The mountain in Greece the Greek gods residedO
The Roman god who owns the Underworld and all the riches below the EarthP
The central verbal text for MuslimsQ
The belief that when a person dies, their soul is reborn into another living humanR
Chief spirit of evil and adversary of God; the devilS
A building or structure used for worship or religious ritesT
Each of a series of Hindu philosophical and sacred treatisesU
The country in which the Pope livesV
The act of expressing reverence to a deity or supernatural entityW
The Persian king in the book of EstherX
In Chinese philosophy, a term used to describe how polar or seemingly contrary forces are interconnectedY
The supreme god of ancient Greek mythology; son of Rhea and CronusZ
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