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Can you name the three answers to these certain categories starting with a specific letter of the alphabet?

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NOTE: * 1990s Top 100 Baby Boy First Names. ** Top 20 Harry Potter Characters from the Top 200 most mentioned Harry Potter characters quiz. *** NBA and NHL Team Nicknames (Ex. Supersonics is the nickname of the old Seattle NBA team). **** Prime Numbers 1-100 in written form.
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A (MLB Team Nicknames)
B (Olympic Host Cities)
C (US States)
D (Santa's Reindeer)
E (Prime Numbers**** 1-100)
F (Periodic Table Elements)
G (1990s Baby Boy Names*)
H (Countries of the World)
I (Big Ten School Names)
J (US State Capitals)
K (NBA and NHL Teams***)
L (Beatles #1 Singles in U.S.)
M (US President Last Names)
N (Old Testament Books)
O (World Capitals)
P (Greek Letters in English)
Q (3-Letter Words)
R (Harry Potter Characters**)
S (Oscar Best Picture Winners)
T (Shakespeare's Trag. Plays)
U (Asia and Africa Countries)
V (Roman Gods)
W (UK Monopoly Properties)
X (Marvel Movies after 2005)
Y (400 Most Pop. US Cities)
Z (Pope Names)

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