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Can you name the famous people (real or fictional) by their physical description?

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Ex. Red suit and red hat. White, fluffy trimmmings on clothes. Big, rosy cheeks. ---> Santa Claus
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DescriptionFamous Person
Black helmet and black cape. Deep voice. Iron lung.
6ft. 4in. (1.90 meters). Black beard. Top hat. Found with bullet in head.
Black hair, green eyes. Wears glasses. Has a lightning bolt-shaped scar.
White skin. Small nose with black hair. White glove.
Elderly with white hair wearing a necklace with a cross. Giant hat.
7ft. 2in. (2.18 meters). Black skin. Yellow jersey. Wearing goggles.
Redheaded Caucasian. Part of ear cut off. Hazel eyes.
African American with black hair. Blind. Wearing glasses.
6ft. 2in. (1.88 meters). Caucasian. White wig (red hair) with false teeth.
Black hair, white skin. Blue suit, red cape.
Big grey ears and giant grey feet. Huge white teeth with whiskers. White gloves.
Caucasian weighing 215lbs. (97.5 kg.) Pinstriped jersey with grey pants.
Elderly woman with grey hair. Wearing crown. Wearing jewelry.
Blue pants. Green hat. White gloves. Black mustache. Brown shoes.
Yellow skin. Green dress. Giant blue hair with red necklace.
Caucasian with black hair. Small, short mustache. Wearing party symbol on shirt.
DescriptionFamous Person
Long flowing brown hair. Tall and lean. Light colored eyes. Holy man.
Chestnut colored hair. Blind and deaf woman. Has glass eyes.
Brown hat. White skin. Holding whip. Khaki pants.
Tall with blond hair. Wears wig. Bump on head from apple.
Square, brown pants. Red tie with holes in yellow skin. Giant eyes.
Indian looking. Wears glasses. Thin and calm. Grown mustache.
Middle eastern. Long, black beard. Wearing white outfit with white turban.
Blue dress and white shirt. Holding basket. Red shoes. Blue ribbons in hair.
Green and white spacesuit. Purple head. Green eyes. Laser on arm.
Light brown hair. Brown eyes. Wearing glasses. Seen with guitar. Found with bullet in back.
Blue pants. Red and white striped shirt and hat. Wearing glasses. Hard to find.
Multiracial. Black skin. Wearing a cap on green. Holding club.
Black hair. Red pants. Humongous nose. Made of wood.
5 ft. 6in. (1.68 meters). Wearing French military suit. Carrying many metals. Seen on horse.
Platinum blond hair. White dress. Red lips and a mole on her cheek.
Green skin. Stiched body. Neck with bolts. Black hair.

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