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ac/acracid, acute, acerbic, acrid, acrimonious, exacerbate
probprobe, approbation, opprobrium, reprobate, problematic, probity
animunanimous, animosity, animus, equanimity, magnanimous
co/col/com/conconnect, coerce, compatible, collide, collaborate, conciliate, commensurate
spec/spic/spitperspective, speculation, suspicious, spectrum, retrospective, circumspect, perspicacious, conspicuous, specious
panpanorama, panegyric, panoply, pantheon, pandemic
mutcommute, mutation, transmutation, permutation, immutable
dolcondolence, indolence, doleful, dolorous
e/ef/exevade, exclude, extricate, exonerate, expire, efface
pedpedagogue, pediatrician, pedant, encyclopedia
sub/supsubmissive, subsidiary, subliminal, subtle, subterfuge, supposition
dog/dox orthodox, paradox, dogma
amamateur, amatory, amenity, amorous, enamored, amity, inamorate, amiable, amicable
quiquiet, disquiet, tranquil, acquiesce, quiescence
seselect, separate, seduce, segregate, secede, sequester, sedition
a-amoral, atheist, atypical, anonymous, apathy, atrophy, anomaly, agnostic
hyperhyperactive, hyperbole, hyperglycemia
claim/clamexclaim, proclaim, clamour, disclaim, reclaim
her/hes coherent, adhesive, inherent, adherent, heredity
join/junctjunction, adjoin, subjugate, rejoinder, junta
(h)eteroheterosexual, heterogeneous, heterodox
digndignity, dignitary, deign, condign, disdain
foreforesight, foreshadow, forestall, forthright
chronsynchronize, chronology, anachronism, chronic, chronometer
pend/pensdepend, stipend, compensate, indispensable, appendix, appendage
flect/flexdeflect, flexible, inflect, reflect, genuflect
cre/cresc/cretaccrue, creation, increase, increment, accretion
sal/sil/sault/sultinsult, assault, somersault, salient, resilient, insolent, exult, desultory
flag/flamflammable, flambeau, flagrant, conflagration
gratgrateful, ingratiate, gratuity, gracious
gn/gnoagnostic, ignore, ignoramus, recognize, incognito, prognosis, diagnose
eueuphemism, eulogy, eugenics, euthanasia, euphony
epiepidemic, epilogue, epidermis, epigram, epithet
preprecarious, precocious, premonition, presentiment, precedent, precept
cap/cip/ceptcapture, anticipate, susceptible, emancipate, percipient, precept
manmanual, manufacture, emancipate, manifest, mandate
crypcrypt, apocryphal, cryptology, cryptography
tain/ten/tent/tindetain, pertain, tenacious, abstention, tenure, tenable, sustenance, pertinacious
fra/frac/frag/fringfracture, fragment, fractious, refractory, infringe
demdemocracy, epidemic, endemic, pandemic, demographics
rid/risriddle, derision, risible
loc/log/loqudialogue, elocution, prologue, eulogy, colloquial, grandiloquent, loquacious
miscmiscellaneous, miscegenation, promiscuous
im/ininactive, innocuous, indolence, impartial, indigent
annui/enniannual, anniversary, annuity, perennial, annals
sciconscious, conscience, unconscionable, omnicient, prescient
anthro/andranthropology, android, misanthrope, philanderer, androgynous, androgen, anthropocentric
proprolific, profuse, prodigal, prodigious, proselytize, propound, provident
credincredible, credentials, credo, credulity, credit
paraparallel, parasite, parody, parable, paragon, paranoid
tac/ticreticent, tacit, taciturn
mal/malemalfunction, malicious, malign, malady, maladroit, malapropism, malfeasance, malediction
fervfervor, fervid, effervescent
sens/sentsense, sensory, sentiment, presentiment, dissent, resent, sentinel, insensate
volvoluntary, malevolent, benevolent, volition
us/utabuse, usage, usurp, utilitarian
circucircumference, circumstances, circuit, circumambulate, circuitous
nom/nym/noun/nownsynonym, anonymous, nominal, nominate, nomenclature, acronym
act/agagile, agitate, litigate, prodigal, pedagogue, synagogue
tend/tens/tent/tenutension, tentative, tendentious, distend, attenuate, extenuating, contentious
nomastronomy, economy, gastronomy, taxonomy, autonomy
cub/cumbcubicle, succumb, incubate, incumbent, recumbent
pon/pos/poundcomponent, expose, expound, juxtapose, repository
verdverdant, verdure
omniomnibus, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient
feroffer, confer, referendum, proffer, proliferate
super/sursurpass, superlative, supersede, supercilious, superfluous, surmount, surveillance
ververdict, veracious, verity, verisimilitude, aver
im/in/em/enembrace, enclose, intrinsic, influx, implicit, incarnate, indigenous
dis/difdisperse, disseminate, dissipate, dissuade, diffuse
fab/famfable, affable, ineffable, famous, defam
sed/sess/sidpreside, resident, sediment, dissident, residual, subsidiary, insidious, assiduous
placplacid, placebo, implacable, complacent, complaisant
pugpugnacious, impugn, repugnant, pugilist
bebelittle, bemoan, bewilder, belie
tracttractor, attract, contract, detract, tractable, protract
minminute, minutiae, miniature, diminish, diminution
ab/absabduct, abhor, abolish, abstract, abnormal, abdicate, abstinence, obstruse
errerr, error, erratic, arrant
grad/gressprogress, aggressive, degrade, digress, egress, regress
interinterstate, interim, interloper, intermittent
al/ali/alteralternative, alias, alibi, alien, alter ego, altruist, allegory
ped/podpedal, pedestrian, expedite, impede, podium, antipodes
(h)omhomogenous, homonym, homosexual, anomaly, homeostasis
levrelieve, alleviate, relevant, levee, levitate, levity
postposthumous, posterior, posterity, post facto
mag/maj/maxmagnify, magnitude, maximum, magnate, magnanimous, maxim
parpar, parity, apartheid, disparage, disparate
perpersistent, perforate, perplex, peruse, perfunctory, pertinacious, perspicacious
pas/pat/pathsympathy, empathy, compassion, dispassionate, impassive, sociopath, pathogenic
pen/punpenal, penalty, punitive, penance, penitent
mon/monitmonument, monitor, summon, admonish, remonstrate, premonition
cap/capit/cipitcapital, disciple, precipitate, precipice, capitulate, caption
gengenerous, genetics, gender, carcinogenic, congenital, progeny, miscegenation
vorvoracious, carnivorous, omnivorous
cisscissors, precise, exorcise, incision, incisive
plecomplete, deplete, supplement, implement, replete, plethora
fort (2)fortify, fortissimo, forte
plex/plic/plycomplex, replica, implicit, implicate, duplicity, supplicate
idioidiot, idiom, idiosyncrasy
esceadolescent, obsolescent, incandescent, convalescent, reminiscent
jurperjury, abjure, adjure
ven/ventconvene, venturesome, intervene, contravene, adventitious
nat/nas/nainatural, nature, naive, cognate, renaissance, nascent
dac/docdoctor, doctrine, indoctrinate, docile, didactic
philphilosophy, philatelist, philology, bibliophile
apoapology, apostle, apocalypse, apogee, apocryphal, apostasy
dubdubious, dubiety, indubitable
di/diadialogue, diagnose, dilate, dilatory, dichotomy
fusprofuse, fusillade, suffuse, diffuse, infusion
finfinal, confine, definitive, infinite, infinitesimal
card/cord/courcardiac, encourage, concord, discord, concordance
ben/bonbenefit, benign, benediction, benevolent, bonus, bona fide
anteanterior, antecedent, antedate, antebellum, antediluvian
portimport, export, portable, deportment, disport, importune
scribe/scripscribble describe, script, postscript, proscribe, ascribe, conscription, transcript, circumscribe
fidconfide, affidavit, fidelity, fiduciary, infidel
lud/lusallude, illusion, ludicrous, delude, elude, prelude
bibinoculars, biennial, bilateral, bilingual, bipartisan
soldissolve, soluble, resolution, dissolution, dissolute, absolution
antiantibody, antidote, antiseptic, antipathy, antipodal
dic/dict/ditdictionary, predict, verdict, interdict
clidecline, recline, climax, proclivity, disinclanation
nic/noc/noxinnocent, noxious, obnoxious, innocuous
cla/clo/cluconclude, claustrophobia, disclose, exclusive, cloister, preclude
suasuave, persuade, dissuade, assuage
vivivid, vicarious, viable, vivacity, joie de vivre, convivial
hypohypodermic, hypochondroic, hypocritical, hypothesis
cad/cidaccident, concidence, decadent, cascade, recidivist
ced/ceed/cessantecedent, concede, predecessor, cessation, incessant
pet/pitappetite, compete, petition, centripetal, impetuous, petulant
durendure, durable, duress, dour, duration
vers/vertcontroversy, revert, diverse, aversion, introvert, extrovert, indavertent, covert, avert
cant/cent/chantaccent, chant, enchant, recant, incantation, incentive
ambambient, ambitious, preamble, ambassador, ambulance, ambulatory, ambush, perambulator
pau/po/pov/pupoverty, paucity, pauper, impoverish, pusillanimous, puerile
mis/mittransmit, emissary, intermittent, remit, remission
transtransaction, transparent, transition, transgress, transcendent, intransigent
pac/peacappease, pacify, pacifier, pact
centrconcentrate, eccentric, concentric, centrifuge, centrist
sacr/sanct/secrsacred, sacrifice, sanctify, sanction, execreable, sacrament, sacrilege
voc/vokvocabulary, advocate, equivocate, vocation, avocation, vociferous, convoke, invoke
arch/archi/archyarchitect, archenemy, monarchy, anarchy, oligarchy
luc/lum/lusillustrate, illuminate, illustrious, translucent, lackluster, lucid, luminous
flu/fluxfluid, fluctuation, effulence, confluence, mellifluous
cour/currecur, curriculum, courier, excursion, cursive, concur, incurious, cursory
dedescend, decipher, defile, defame, deferential, delineate
don/dot/dowdonate, pardon, antidote, anecdote, endow
mortimmortal, morbid, moribund
sta/stistatic, destitute, obstinate, constitute, stasis, apostary
prehend/prisesurprise, enterprise, reprehensible, comprise, reprisals, apprehend
cern/cert/cret/crim/critdiscrete, ascertain, certitude, discreet, hypocrite, criterion
belantebellum, rebel, belligerent
periperimeter, periscope, peripatetic
morphamorphous, metamorphosis, anthropomorphism
vid/visevident, video, adviser, survery, vista
culpculprit, culpable, inculpate, mea culpa
sec/sequsecond, prosecute, sequence, obsequious, non sequitur
cast/chastcast, caste, castigate, chastise
nov/neo/nounovice, renovate, innovate, neologism, neophyte, nouveau riche
nounc/nuncannounce, pronouce, renounce
duc/ductabduct, conduct, conducive, induce, induct, produce
equequation, adequate, equidistant, iniquity
theoatheist, theocracy, theology, apotheosis
extraextraordinary, extract, extradite, extrasensory, extrapolate
min (2)eminent, imminent, prominent, preeminent, minatory
ambi/amphambiguous, amphibian, ambidextrous
vilvilify, revile, vile
roginterrogate, arrogant, abrogate, surrogate, derogatory, arrogate
dysdystrophy, dyspepsia, dyslexis, dysfunctional
autoautomatic, autocrat, autonomy
punc/pung/poignpoint, puncture, pungent, compunction, punctilious, expunge
ad/aladapt, adjacent, addict, admire, address, adhere, adjoin, advocate
que/quisacquire, exquisite, conquest, inquisitive, query, querulous, perquisite
fac/fic/fig/fait/feit/fyfactory, faction, deficient, prolific, configuration, ratify, effigy, counterfeit
carncarnivorous, carnage, carnival, reincarnation, incarnation
jectinject, dejected, eject, conjecture, abject
lav/lut/luvlavatory, dilute, pollute, deluge, antediluvian, ablution
fortfortune, fortunate, fortuitous
lect/legcollect, elect, select, eclectic, predilection
ob/oc/of/opobese, obstinate, obstruct, oblique, obstreperous, obtuse, obfuscate, obsequious

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