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QUIZ: Can you name the GetBackers Characters?

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He is the wielder of the evil eye.
He sometimes becomes the Lightning Lord
She often sets the GetBackers up on risky, dangerous jobs.
He is the last heir of his school, which taught how to use string.
He is commonly known as the Beast Master.
He runs the not so popular cafe the Honky Tonk
He can produce 108 scalpels from anywhere in his body.
She used to work with Ban... until he killed her brother.
He dances amid a rain of blood, but just wants to be a comedian.
He went blind saving his close friend.
He was one of the main architects of the Infinity Fortress.
She's a blind violinist, who's also Shido's lover.
She works under Paul Wan at the cafe.
She is Juubei's older sister.

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