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Means 'land between rivers
Series of rulers from a single family
The Process in which a new idea or product spreads from one culture to another
Nomadic warriors that invaded Mesopotamia
Hammurabi put together this code of laws, rules, and judgements
This region got its name from its curved shape and richness of land
Belief in one god
The burial place for kings of the Old Kingdom was an immense structure called
This brings together several peoples, nations, or previously independant states under the control of one ruler
a type of government in which rule is based on religious authority
Belief in more thatn one god
The Egyptians used this as a better writting surface
Scribes developed this writting system in Egypt, means sacred writting
This language, unlike Ceuniform and hieroglyphics, has not been able to be decipher
The Egyptian god-kings
Animal bones and tortoise shells on which priests had scratched questions for th gods
Seasonal winds that dominat India's climate
The royal and emite way that the Egyptians bodies were preserved
Another name for the Indus River Valley civilization because of the many archaeological discoveries made at this site
A political system in which nobles, or lords, are granted the use of lands that legally belong to the king

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